Everything to be known About Lung Cancer

Among the various kinds of this disease, lung cancer in the Philippines is the second most commonly diagnosed type of cancer and the primary cause of many cancer-related deaths in the country. 

This type of cancer affects both smokers and non-smokers. The statistics of lung cancer in the Philippines show that people aged 45 and above are more likely to be affected by lung cancer. The chances of young people acquiring lung cancer may be rare and low, but it is never zero. 

Because of this, people should do their best to research this disease. One of the most critical elements you should be aware of is the risk factors of lung cancer. An example of this is smoking. 

Carcinogen and epigenetic chemicals are present in cigarettes, cigars, pipes, etc. In addition, they have nicotine which contributes to the genesis of lung cancer. These harmful chemicals make cigarette smoking the biggest risk factor for lung cancer. 

Another risk factor for lung cancer is passive or secondhand smoking. This happens when a non-smoker inhales the smoke of others. Passive smoking is thought to be more dangerous than first-hand smoke because more than the dangers of the chemicals in cigarettes, you are also inhaling contaminated smoke. Statistics show that secondhand smoke is more likely the cause of 7,000 lung cancer deaths each year.

Lung cancer has more risk factors. Each of these greatly contributes to the possibility of developing this disease. This is why more than knowing the possible causes of lung cancer, having yourself screened is more important. No one desires to have cancer, but through screening, there is a higher percentage that you may be able to detect the disease early on, increasing your chances of survival in case you catch the big C. 

More details about lung cancer can be found in this infographic by Hope from Within

Everything to be known About Lung Cancer