The Importance of Your Gait and How Onward PT Can Assist You in Finding It

You may have questioned whether your stride is wrong or if you’ve ever felt discomfort in your ankle, knee, or hip when walking, running, ascending, or descending stairs. How we move is determined by our gait, which includes our stepping pattern and how our weight is distributed when walking. People frequently ignore their gait until they begin to suffer pain. However, in order to avoid future discomfort and injuries, it is critical to understand your own walking style and how it affects your body. With therapy from Onward Physical Therapy, you may discover what’s wrong with your gait and how to correct it, allowing you to keep moving and keeping your health.

The Goal of Your Gait

Our gait refers to how our limbs move when walking. The goal of gait is to go forward in a safe and efficient manner. The bulk of animals can only move in the directions in which they are needed to move. People can sprint in addition to walking and running. Each step necessitates the use of a different group of muscles and a different quantity of energy.

Walking is the most common way humans move, and it is utilized to move slowly. Our legs support our weight while also swinging through the air when we walk. This stroll involves minimal energy and may be done for a long time. Running is a faster type of propulsion that is used for short bursts of speed.

When we run, both of our feet contact the ground at the same time, propelling us forward. Walking is a slower mode of transportation that can only be employed for a limited time. Sprinting is a rapid, explosive movement that allows you to go as swiftly as possible.

When we sprint, our legs lift off the ground swiftly, propelling us forward. Maintaining this pace for more than a few seconds at a time requires a lot of energy. Understanding how each gait works can help you enhance your performance.

Why Should Gait Dysfunction Be Corrected?

Walking smoothly and steadily is essential for a multitude of reasons. When you move with good mechanics, you may cover the same distance with less energy. This is especially important while participating in activities like trekking or camping when every ounce counts, as well as long-distance jogging or walking.

Furthermore, appropriate gait mechanics reduce the strain exerted on your body, lowering your chance of injury. Every step you take faster releases pressure on your joints. By doing so, you can avoid problems like arthritis. By changing your walking style, you may stand up straighter and have less pain in your neck and lower back. For each of these reasons, it is critical to spend time fixing any gait abnormalities.

How Physical Therapy Can Assist You in Walking Straighter

A poor gait is usually associated with pain and other health problems. It can also raise the likelihood of trips and injuries. Patients can improve their walking style and lower their risk of injury or pain by undergoing physical therapy. Performance analysis on a treadmill is one way used by physical therapists to diagnose and address abnormalities in a person’s gait. This study can help you identify stride, cadence, and foot strike difficulties.

Onward Physical Therapy’s performance physical therapists provide patients with an unparalleled combination of medical knowledge and performance coaching that may help them move and function better overall. Contact us right now to discover more about how we can help you achieve your fitness goals.