The impact of Igor Smirnov on the world of Fine Art

Igor Smirnov is the son of the famous Russian painter Vasili Smirnov. His journey as an aspiring painter started at a very young age, and glimpses of his painting success were begun to be seen through Igor’s early paintings. He eventually came up with his own “symbolic realism” approach. It has nothing in do with socialistic realism or any of the many avant-garde “isms” that emerged in the 20th century. 

Smirnov’s work is founded on a profound grasp of timeless principles and the unconscious influence of aesthetics and color on people’s minds, emotions, and general well-being. The artist views a work of art as a symbolically conveyed source of information that the modern audience associates with a virtual representation of our spiritual life. It makes the audience feel good, and so improves the spiritual climate around the world. The work of Smirnov has helped evolve fine art into becoming a critical point in the artistic world. 

The College of Fine Art was where Igor Smirnov started his artistic career. He later earned an M.S. in Engineering & Design from the Naval Academy, where his understanding of geometric forms and proportions helped him further his deep depth as an artist. In St. Petersburg, Russia, he later spent two years restoring precious icons and paintings at the Russian Museum of Art and the Museum of Urban Sculpture. He participated in the Russian nonconformist or “underground” art movement in the early 1980s. In St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Germany between 1982 and 1988, the most well-known “underground” art exhibitions included Igor Smirnov’s creations.

John Whitehead, the U.S. Deputy Secretary of State, was interested in Igor Smirnov’s artwork when he visited Moscow in December 1987 in advance of the meeting between President Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. Igor Smirnov was permitted to move to the United States after Mr. Whitehead personally requested it of Mr. Shevardnadze, the Soviet Minister of Foreign Affairs. The artist settled down contentedly in California, using the advantages and excitement of the new surroundings. 

Since then, Igor Smirnov has acquired notoriety on a global scale thanks to the exhibition of his works in museums and galleries across the globe—in America, Europe, Asia, and Russia. His works of art are held in the collections of several institutions, including the C.A.S.E. MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART in New Jersey and Paris, the FUNDS OF RUSSIAN CONTEMPORARY ART in Munich, the ART BRILLANT CO. LTD. in Tokyo, the MUSEUM OF DOSTOEVSKY in St. Petersburg, Russia, CHEVRON INC.

The memorable journey of Igor Smirnov has been an inspiration for artists globally. From an early age, Igor managed to turn his art hobby into a successful business. His contributions to the world of art are recognized globally, and the epic art made by Igor Smirnov has brought fine art back into fashion. Unique masterpieces produced by the artist have caught the attention of many young artists and have inspired several junior artists to turn to the road of painting fine arts.