Improve and nurture the Native American community – Sunrise Native Recovery

Sunrise Native Recovery main goal is to improve and nurture the Native American community following the recovery. They are committed to improving lives by providing a loving, tradition-based healing experience for their patients. The treatments are evidence-based and delivered by veteran therapists and skilled professionals who work with patients using a culturally relevant curriculum.

Individual and group therapy sessions are included in the curriculum’s treatments and approach. Because they provide therapies to enhance the entire community, the founders choose to refer to themselves as a community company. Their commitment to the community is evident in their work.

This Native American treatment centre caters solely to Native Americans, to rebuild and heal communities via each patient. They offer supervised sober housing, nutritional meals, and periodic medical exams throughout their therapy to promote long-term care, health, and rehabilitation.

The company’s primary focus is the treatment of patients; therefore they’re interacting with people who care, who are eager to strengthen and rise above their weaknesses, and who are founded on action and truths. They aim to grow, provide for, and heal the community.

Treatment programs are offered on many native reservations; however, this is not always the case across the United States, and most American Indians and Alaskan Natives are unable to find programs tailored to their needs. Treatment services for American Indians and Alaskan Natives are available to help residents of the reserve as well as others of Native American ancestry and background. When correctly implemented and the client demonstrates a commitment to complete recovery, these programs can be highly effective.

Alcohol misuse remains a big problem in the United States, affecting all of its citizens, but American Indians have long been stigmatized for their struggle with alcoholism. When a survey of American Indian death certificates was undertaken over four years, it was discovered that alcohol was four times more common as a cause of death than in the rest of the American population. Suicide, homicide, liver disease, and traffic incidents all had a role in many of these deaths. Alcohol misuse frequently leads to the abuse of other drugs and substances, making the already tough-to-manage problems much more difficult to manage while also introducing additional difficulties to cope with.