How Often Do You Need to Check For Hearing Loss?

It is natural to wonder when how often you need to check for hearing loss. There are various elements that affect this. Keep reading to learn more about how frequently you need to have an auditory test.

We need to say upfront that a hearing test and a hearing loss screening are different. Many individuals may not realize this.

A hearing test is performed when a person does not have any signs of hearing loss. Many times these tests are simple questions that can be performed online.

It is also a standard practice to have children receive hearing tests during several points of their childhood. At birth and during infancy, the child will have their hearing checked. It is also common to have hearing assessed during grade school.

Many adults will find they have hearing tests for their jobs. It is not unusual for factory jobs or other jobs that are loud to do standard checks to look for hearing loss.

A hearing loss screening is generally done when you let a physician know that you are experiencing a loss of hearing. This comprehensive test will measure levels of hearing while you sit in a booth. An audiogram will record your results and send them to your doctor for reading.

If your auditory test comes back that you are losing hearing, your doctor may suggest for you repeat the test to confirm the results were correct. Should you notice any changes in how well you hear, you will want to let your medical care provider know.

If you are losing your hearing, you will most likely be prescribed a hearing aid. If this is the case, you will want to have hearing aid tests completed occasionally as they may need to be adjusted. Reasons for having one tested would be your hearing has changed, the aid is getting old, or it is no longer working. You can expect a hearing device to last anywhere from three to seven years.

This holds true for standard hearing aids. Other types, such as cochlear implants or bone-anchored hearing devices, will most likely have different timelines.

If you are at risk for auditory loss, you should have your ears checked at minimum once every three years. Those who are at risk include anyone over the age of 60 and those that work in loud environments or who have extended exposure to loud noises. This typically exceeds 85 decibels.

Even if you have never had issues with your hearing, you should take note of having regular hearing exams. If you ever experience hearing loss in one or both ears, and it is sudden, you should seek medical attention.

You should also note that taking certain medications can affect how well you hear. If you have experienced this, tell your physician right away.

When a person experiences hearing loss, it can impact their cognitive state. Doctors have seen auditory loss have a huge impact on a person’s life. Depression or anxiety can occur. A person may find they have increased stress due to muscle tension. Others will find they have lost their self-confidence. The person may have a harder time communicating with others.

If you or a loved one are experiencing hearing loss, contact Countryside Hearing Aid Services in Clearwater, FL. Don’t forget to check with your insurance first to see if they cover hearing loss testing or to see exactly what they cover.