Wisdom Teeth Surgery: Fear, Pain, and Recovery

Wisdom teeth are the teeth that appear in the mouth in the form of erupting in the last of all the teeth. 

What to do When Wisdom Teeth Appear?

Whenever you notice wisdom teeth appearing on your teeth, the first and foremost thing is not to panic at all. One thing you have to keep in mind is that wisdom teeth start to grow when there is a reason, and the reason is that when teeth do not get any space to grow normally, they create their room and space that helps to develop wisdom teeth in your mouth. And whenever wisdom teeth appear, remember that it will try to make your gums infected. So, if you have wisdom teeth that are still in a growth phase, then yes, try to maintain oral hygiene. 

What are the Symptoms of Wisdom Teeth?

Before proceeding to any further details about wisdom teeth, the most crucial question is how you will understand that wisdom teeth are trying to become a part of your adult 32 pair of teeth.

You will understand it by these symptoms;

  1. It will cause severe pain inside your mouth, especially in the gums.
  2. You can also get cysts or a tumor.
  3. Your permanent teeth might start getting damaged, which means when wisdom teeth are about to grow, the teeth around that position will begin getting damaged.
  4. Gum disease can also take place.
  5. And finally, tooth decay means cavity. 

What is the Process of Removal or Extraction of Wisdom Teeth?

To undergo the removal or extraction of wisdom teeth, you need to be between the age of 18-25. Now, this process of removal and extraction is done with the help of wisdom teeth surgery. And this process also depends on the severity of the wisdom teeth you face. The age limit is provided because this age is best while undergoing surgery because an adult might have or face fewer complications than other people of different ages.  Now it’s not that if you have wisdom teeth between the 20s – 30s, you can’t have wisdom teeth surgery. You can have it with fewer complications. And once the surgery is done, you will be recovered if you listen to your dentist or doctor and be under their guidance. 

Why Should You Avoid Root Canal Treatment While Having a Wisdom Teeth?

Do not even think about undergoing or having root canal treatment. You may avoid the root canal treatment because the enamel in our gums gets damaged badly while the treatment goes on. And it is a more painful procedure than removing or extracting wisdom teeth. 

It’s not that one should not do the root canal treatment; you can because it’s your choice, and you have every right to do it if you feel the need for it. One suggestion is if you have wisdom teeth or the wisdom teeth are in a growth phase which you will understand by the symptoms already mentioned in the above portion. Just do not do the root canal treatment before the wisdom teeth surgery. And do not ever feel panicked before the wisdom teeth surgery, and even if you are feeling low or tensed, discuss it with your doctor; they will guide you.