Why Do Chronic Headaches Happen?

The majority of the people today have a lot of heads regularly. Therefore, you need to periodically reach out to a doctor if you have chronic headaches. It is known as a chronic headache (ปวด หัว ติดต่อ กัน หลาย วัน, which is the term in Thai) because it happens often and it also depends on how long the condition lasts. The constant chronic nature makes it one of the Most worrisome issues. 

Symptoms Of Chronic Headache

When it comes to symptoms, you can say that chronic headaches happen in one month, at least 15 days, or more. If the chronic headache lasts for more than three months, you need to check with your doctor. Some short and long-lasting chronic headaches are mentioned here.

Chronic Migraine

It generally happens with people who have had a history of migraines. Chronic migraine is likely to affect either one or both sides of the head. For example, you might have a throbbing sensation at the back of your mind, and it would lead to severe pain.

Chronic Tension-Type Headache

It affects both sides of the brain and leads to moderate pain. When you go through chronic tension-type, you might feel that the pain is pressing or tightening the head.

Persistent Headache

The headache generally comes in people who have a headache history. They are likely to become constant within three days of the first headache. It typically affects both sides of the brain and leads to tightening or pressing pain.

When Should You Connect With A Doctor?

It is widespread to have a headache occasionally, but you need to get medical attention if you have a chronic headache. You should see a doctor if you get a headache more than two times a week or if you have to take a pain reliever majority of the days. You need to also take the maximum over-the-counter pain remedies to get rid of the headache, then you must check with the doctor. If the headache is severe or leads to a stiff neck or double vision, then you need to get instant medical attention.

How Is The Chronic Headache Caused?

There are various causes of chronic headaches that the doctors do not even understand, but there would be some conditions like inflammation in the blood vessels or brain stroke, which leads to chronic heading. A brain tumor can also lead to chronic headaches, so you should connect with the doctor if you have a severe headache.