The cost of surrogate services in Ukraine

After numerous unsuccessful attempts to become parents, many couples turn to such reproductive technology as surrogacy. Participating in a surrogacy program is not easy. It is a serious enough step for both biological parents and women willing to bear someone else’s child. Both require the assistance of a psychologist to understand the gravity of the situation. But despite all the difficulties and the high prices of surrogacy, there are more and more people willing to become mothers and fathers this way.

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How much does surrogacy cost for biological parents?

The program is rather expensive, but the desire to have a child and create a full family is stronger and higher than all the expenses. Certainly, all the expenses are incurred by a couple of future parents; for a surrogate, the program becomes a good income. The cost of surrogacy can vary in a wide range, but in any case, we are talking about a lot of money.

Major costs include:

  • Reproductive clinic services, which is responsible for getting the program right;
  • Initial and follow-up examinations of the surrogate;
  • IVF and other reproductive technology procedures;
  • Necessary medical supplies;
  • The cost of legal services;
  • Full support for the woman carrying the child;
  • Postpartum compensation;
  • Compensation in the event of a failed attempt.

Choosing the right clinic is the key to successful motherhood

If you have already searched for information on the query: “surrogacy Ukraine price”, you have seen that you can find a surrogate much cheaper than what modern clinics offer. But it is worth remembering that this is not the case when you need to save money. For the program to be successful, you need to choose the medical center and the woman who will carry the child very carefully.

It is also better for a future surrogate mother to go to a specialized clinic rather than looking for clients on her own. This will ensure a safe deal, during which the woman will receive everything she needs for a normal pregnancy and a decent remuneration. You should understand that you pay a fixed cost to the surrogate, plus monthly compensation for accommodation and food.

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