Should you visit an IVF doctor in Delhi?

Generally, IVF treatments are ideally recommended for women who have missing fallopian tubes or blocked tubes. Also, currently, it stands as the best treatment for such cases of infertility. It is used as well when there are issues with male infertility and other conditions too. These can include endometriosis, unexplained infertility where the cause is not found, and others. Today, deciding to visit an IVF doctor in Delhi is not something that should be confusing. Also, it should not be difficult. It is all about being ready to make specific decisions. The best IVF doctor can help you decide. That should be something you are excited about.

Some questions to help you decide

Visiting an IVF centre in Delhi is not something that should be rushed. You need to be sure this is what you want to do. Ideally, you will need to find out more about the process before you go on. That doesn’t mean you should rush things. Just make sure you are able to keep things in their right place accordingly. Some questions you need answers to, including:

  1. Is there an age limit for women who want to go through with IVF? With IVF treatment, successful pregnancy results are mostly linked to the egg of the woman. This is mostly when the woman’s eggs are used. Most times, the IVF doctor in Delhi will have their age limits. This is done to make sure there are no issues with you. Largely, the age limit for this treatment is 42 to 45. So, this is mostly where you should be looking at. When the use of donor eggs comes into play here, the donor’s age is valuable as well. Here, the recipient’s age will not affect the possibility of success. However, there are times when pregnancy has taken place through IVF for women over 60. Although it isn’t mostly done, it has happened.
  2. What is IVF all about? Before anything, you should know that when you visit an IVF centre in Delhi, it is not as easy as eating a pie. The procedure is quite complex. This is the reason why the right orientation is done for patients with the best IVF doctor in Delhi. This is done to ensure the whole process is explained to the patient. Also, pre-IVF evaluations and methods are done. All patients who undergo IVF are provided with instructions on the right time as well as medication for fertility. This is needed to make sure the treatment cycle works.
  3. Is it best for one or more embryos to be transferred? Apart from those instances when the IVF doctor in Delhi recommends one embryo transfer for health reasons, you can decide to have more embryos transferred. However, the best IVF doctor will make it clear to you how your chances of having multiple pregnancies increase with more than one embryo transfer. Ideally, the embryo numbers to be moved need to be decided dependent on the age of patients, the number of times IVF has been tried before, and so on. If you are younger than 35 and haven’t tried it previously, 2 embryo transfers are recommended.


Choosing to visit an IVF centre in Delhi is not going to be a bad decision. The best of these centres has proven to be worth it for many couples over the years. Also, the prices of their IVF treatments are always reasonable compared to other parts of the world.