Is sparkling water bad for your teeth?

By now, we all should know that sugary drinks, like soda pop, are bad for your teeth.

But over the last few years a similar drink has become incredibly popular: Sparkling water.

It’s fizzy like soda pop, with its carbonation, and it has higher acid levels than other drinks – and acid is known to weaken your tooth enamel, the hard, outer shell of your teeth, where cavities initially form.

So, it’s reasonable to ask: Is sparkling water bad for your teeth like soda pop?

What the research says

According to research, sparkling water is generally OK for your teeth. In one study that used teeth that were removed as part of treatment and donated for research, investigators tested whether sparkling water would attack tooth enamel more aggressively than regular water.

The researchers found that the two forms of water had about the same effects on tooth enamel, which is important and telling, because sparkling water is more acidic than ordinary water.

But as far as your teeth are concerned, it’s all just water.

The best beverage for your teeth

Of course, sparkling water is way better for your teeth than any sugary drink – soda pop, sweet tea, even coffee with sugar. But you shouldn’t just drink sparkling water.

The best beverage for your teeth is regular, fluoridated water. Water with fluoride added to it helps your teeth fight cavities and washes away leftover food in your mouth, which the bacteria that cause cavities feast upon.

And it also keeps your mouth from becoming dry, which if you didn’t know, can put you at a higher risk of cavities.

Things to keep in mind

You should also be aware of the specific kind of sparkling water you drink, as not all sparkling waters are the same. Citrus-flavored sparkling waters typically have the highest acid levels.

Sparkling waters with added sugar can no longer be considered just sparkling water for marketing and branding purposes – but they do exist and, again, sugary drinks, in whatever form, are not good for your teeth.

So be aware of what’s actually in your sparkling water before you drink it. And when you drink it, drink it with a meal or in just one sitting. Don’t sip sparkling water all day long at your desk.

The best choice for a beverage is always plain water. That’s the drink that’s most going to benefit your teeth.

If you’ve recently moved to the Ontario area, don’t hesitate to contact River Edge Dental, a Bradford dentist. The clinic’s procedures are performed with good, old, regular water – the very best for your teeth.