Ido Fishman Discusses 4 Most Effective Exercises For Improving Physical & Mental Abilities & Health

Many people believe that carrying out a particular exercise on daily basis is fair enough. However, researches compiled on this subject reveal that four types of exercises are necessary and should be done simultaneously. These exercises include ‘strength’ at first, endurance at second, flexibility and balance at third and fourth respectively. 

As has been explained by Ido Fishman each of these exercises have their own multifarious benefits. Even if one were to pick up one of these exercises, then, with the passage of time, a person can do second, third and fourth as well. All these four exercises are therefore intertwined with each other closely. Most importantly, any person, whether male or female, young and old, can do these exercise for meeting his or her fitness demands.

First Exercise: Strength

It is known to all that muscular fitness or strength is something which can make a huge impact and difference as well. If the muscles are strong, a person is capable of carrying out daily tasks without any difficulty. For instance, strong muscles are important for carrying and lifting weight, climbing stairs etc. Strong muscles also give balancing abilities to the person as a result of which a person falls less than people with weak muscles. For example, a person over 60 years of age, finds it difficult to maintain his balance. But if muscles are strong even in the old age most of the falls can be avoided and even major harm can be avoided.

There are many methods to add strength into your muscles, however, majority of people prefer lifting and carrying of weight. With the passage of time, they then add more weight for gaining extra muscular power. While the lesser majority relies on resistance banks which include elastic bands, which in turn come with strength variants. If a person is new to the exercise, then it is wise to begin training with Weight Loss Coach in Toronto. Thereafter, do all exercises involving muscles in all parts of your bodies. Such exercises can be done twice a week, however, avoid doing muscle exercises for a particular muscle for two consecutive days. 

Some very effective and well-known strength exercises are: –

  • Weight lifting (not the kind which is usually done by professional weight lifters)
  • Squeezing the tennis ball with two hands and one hand
  • Arm curls
  • Knee push-ups (wall push-ups are recommended for old adults)
  • Pull-ups (particularly for young adults and people under age 50)


While conducting strength exercises the word of advice is that the person should keep breathing and not hold his breath. If the person is lifting weight, then at the time of lifting empty your lungs and when the person is in relax motion then breath in. However, don’t do any exercises before consulting your doctor in case you are already suffering from any underlying disease.

Second Exercise: Endurance (recommended for old adults)

This type of exercise is widely known as “aerobics”, which greatly improves a person’s breathing and heart beat rate. These type of exercises are crucial for better health, fitness and enables a person to conduct daily tasks at convenience. They are also effective for restoring health of lungs and heart and boost circulatory system. Furthermore, they are considered preventive measures against lethal diseases such as breast cancers, diabetes and cardiac diseases. Here are some of the most effective exercises for acquiring endurance: –

  • Jogging
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Climbing
  • Playing soccer


Always start with slow pace and try to improve the pace over time only. Avoid excessive exercise and do not forget to breath in and out faster than usual while doing any of these exercises. Intake of liquids in between and after completing the session is highly recommended.

Third Exercise: Balancing

As we all know it is the balance which prevents a body from falling which is usually a common issue with old age people. The fall can be severely damaging for such people and therefore it is important that balance should be improved at any stage of life. For balancing standing on a foot for few seconds and then repeating the same with other foot is quite helpful. Tai Chi, which is a meditation technique, is also very effective for improving balance. Similarly, gentle sit-ups are also good for boosting balance in a human body. However, before pulling off these techniques consultation with the doctor is recommended, especially for older adults. 

Fourth Exercise: Flexibility

Most effective way of achieving “improved flexibility” is to do stretching. Normally a human body does a lot of stretching every day. For instance, you are looking behind or reaching out to grab a thing kept high in a shelf, are few examples of stretching. However, flexibility can be increased by doing stretch exercises of thighs, back of leg, inner thighs and ankle. 


Doing too much of stretching could also lead to pulling of muscles so avoid excessive stretching argues Ido Fishman. Most importantly before proceeding to conduct stretching, warning up your body is highly recommended.