Hormone Replacement Therapy for Menopause

Knowing the benefits and drawbacks of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) might help you determine if it’s right for you if you’re suffering from menopause symptoms. Check out https://fatboyfitman.com/ website to get medicines online at cheapest price

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) : what it is ?

It is a type of hormone replacement therapy.

Estrogen levels drop as menopause approaches. Hot flashes and vaginal dryness are common side effects for some women. The most effective treatment for menopause symptoms is HRT (also known as hormone therapy, menopausal hormone therapy, or oestrogen replacement therapy).

Estrogen Replacement Therapy

Doctors will recommend a modest dose of oestrogen if a woman experiences symptoms of menopause after a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) or a hysterectomy with bilateral salpingoophorectomy (removal of the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries). Estrogen is available in several forms. The most common forms of the hormone are the daily pill and patch, although it is also available as a vaginal ring, gel, or spray.

Pill containing oestrogen:

The most popular treatment for menopausal symptoms is pills. Conjugated estrogens (Cenestin, Estrace, Estratab, Femtrace, Ogen, and Premarin) and estrogens-bazedoxifene are two types of tablets available (Duavee). Dosing should be done according to your doctor’s instructions. The majority of oestrogen pills are taken without food once a day. Some dosage schedules are more complicated than others.

Estrogen produced vaginally:

Cream, a vaginal ring, or tablets can be used for vaginal estrogen and it is available. These therapies are intended for women who have vaginal dryness, itching, burning, or pain during sexual activity. Vaginal tablets (Vagifem), creams (Estrace or Premarin), and insertable rings are among examples (Estring or Femring). Depending on the product, several dosing schedules are used. Within three months vaginal rings should be replaced in most cases. Vaginal pills are frequently taken daily for a number of weeks before being used only twice a week. Based on the schedule creams can be applied every day, many times a week.

Tropical vaginal:

Other ways to introduce oestrogen into your system include creams, gels, and sprays. EstroGel is applied from the wrist to the shoulder on one arm. The legs are treated with Estrasorb. The arm is treated with Evamist.

Hormone Therapy with Estrogen/Progesterone/Progestin:

Because it combines oestrogen and progestin, a synthetic type of progesterone, this is known as combination therapy. It’s intended for ladies who still have a uterus. When oestrogen is combined with progesterone, your chance of endometrial cancer, which is cancer of the uterine lining, is reduced.

While progesterone is most commonly used for birth control, it can also aid with menopausal symptoms like hot flashes.

Progestin used orally:

The majority of menopausal women are now treated with natural progesterone rather than synthetic progestins, according to many doctors. It has no detrimental effects on lipids and is a viable option for women with high cholesterol levels. Medroxyprogesterone acetate (Provera) may provide additional benefits over progestin tablets.

Progestin administered intrauterine :

Liletta, Kyleena, Mirena, and Skyla are brand names for low-dose intrauterine devices (IUDs) that contain levonorgestrel. In the United States, they are approved for the prevention of pregnancy and the control of bleeding.