Common Causes of Work-Related Neck Injuries

Every year, a lot of employees sustain a work-related neck injury. This type of injury can be minor and cause just a few weeks of discomfort. But it can also be serious and require surgery or lead to a life-long disability. No matter how bad your neck injury is, if it occurred on the job, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits that include all necessary medical treatment and disability benefits. 

Sometimes, you may sustain a work-related injury and can also bring a separate personal injury lawsuit against a negligent party. You can learn more about this through this source

Work injuries are more likely to be suffered by people who perform physical jobs. However, even those who do sedentary-type work like office work can suffer from work-related neck injuries. Your neck is your body’s weakest area. While it is quite flexible, it doesn’t have plenty of protection. Work-related neck injuries can occur in any of the following:

Car Accidents

A lot of workers need to drive for a living. Traveling salespeople, delivery drivers, EMT workers, and police officers have to be behind the wheel while on the clock. These workers can sustain injuries in a vehicle accident. Car accidents can lead to neck injuries as the victim can be thrashed around in their car. During an accident, their head and neck whip back and forth violently, leading to serious injuries.

Slip and Fall accidents

 Neck injuries can also develop after a slip and fall on the job. They can be suffered by office workers on an icy or slippery road. Also, slips and falls can occur in construction sites and production facilities. When you hit your head after a fall, your neck can get injured.

Repetitive Motion Physical Activity

A repetitive motion neck injury can occur in production-type facilities as workers tend to make the same body motions during their shifts. This activity can cause issues with your neck and the surrounding structures, leading to an injury that may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. 

For instance, if you should turn and twist your neck constantly and repeatedly as you perform your job, your neck can sustain an injury. Neck muscles can be sprained and strained. Sometimes, you should twist and hold your neck in awkward positions, causing these problems. If your work requires you to be looking up all the time, you could also sustain a neck injury.