Best Time Of Year To Get Plastic Surgery

Making the decision to have plastic surgery is not always easy. And although it may not occur to you at first, some months are better than others in which to have your procedure carried out.

Covering Up Those Scars

Many people consider the colder months the best time of year to get plastic surgery, for several reasons. Lower temperatures mean you’ll be wearing more layers of clothing, which will help to hide those often unnecessary scars which are an inevitable part of many procedures. Not surprisingly, many people feel self-conscious immediately following surgery, and it’s not a time when you want to wear a swimsuit, shorts or a tee shirt. And depending on the type of surgery, your body may need time to recover from it; during the winter months, you are probably less likely to be playing golf, swimming or enjoying other outdoor pursuits. The slower winter months are more conducive to taking it easy, as your surgeon will no doubt instruct you.

Planning in Spring

Spring is also a popular time of year to have plastic surgery; many people see the spring months as a time to plan or get things done that may have been put off over winter. And of course, spring means you don’t have to wait too long for summer vacations, trips to the beach and perhaps parties or a wedding to attend. It’s natural to want to try to look your best, and many plastic surgeons say it’s a busy time for them, especially for breast surgeries and facial procedures. Kids are still in school, and if you need to take time to recover after your procedure, it’s ideal to schedule your surgery before the children are home for several weeks. In many areas of the country, it’s still cool enough to wear long sleeved or bulkier clothing to hide scars.

Summer Surgery

Summer is generally not the best time of year to get plastic surgery. You would probably rather spend your time at the beach, by the pool or with the family and the recommended recovery time for your procedure may call for you to stay indoors for a week or two. Exposure to the sun immediately after your procedure can cause any swelling to be worse and can even lead to bleeding. If you need to wear an elastic girdle or abdominal binder as part of your recovery process, you aren’t going to be very comfortable in hot weather. If you plan on having a laser resurfacing procedure, you definitely want to avoid having the surgery during the summer, as any treated areas should avoid direct exposure to the sun for several weeks. However, a minor procedure such as one involving fillers can safely be carried out during the warmer weather.

All of this also depends on your financial and personal situation, your timeframe for wanting the surgery and to recover from it, and of course, the climate in your area. When to have your surgery should be one of the questions you ask your surgeon before committing to anything.

If you are ready to have a procedure done, consider