A Guide To Know It All About Oil Pulling 

Oil pulling is an ancient remedy; instead, it is used in ancient India. This remedy was used to treat the oral problem to maintain a balance in oral hygiene. This remedy has the power to cure more than thirty systemic diseases. Although, it has not yet extinct. Because there are still people who firmly believe in practicing ancient remedies than consuming any modern medicine, these ancient remedies are now termed ayurvedic medicines.  

What Are The Procedures For Oil Pulling? 

The procedure of oil pulling is straightforward because to carry on with this procedure, an individual has to take one tablespoon of oil (total). They have to sweep all over inside their mount. This procedure must be done before breakfast because the individual will be on an empty stomach. With the help of light sweeping, the oil will go all around the teeth, even in the tiny corners of the teeth. Suppose the procedure is executed correctly and appropriately. In that case, the oil will be turned to white color and thinner. Just spit it out of your mouth and rinse the mouth with lukewarm water.  

After that, clean the mouth by using your fingers or with a toothbrush without any toothpaste. It will help push out the oil, which will still be present in the corners of the teeth. If an individual feels that while continuing the procedure, their jaws are paining, then they can stop doing that and can clean the mouth. But one should try to continue this procedure for a minimum of 5 mins and the maximum time limit is 10 minutes.  

After completing the oil pulling process, one should never forget that one should not even think of spitting the oil in the bathroom sink or kitchen sink because it may clog the pipes. Always take the same bowl or any use and trough bowl to spit the oil, then throw it on the dustbin.


This ancient method of cleaning the mouth to maintain oral hygiene should be followed daily in the morning. But while executing the procedure, do not dare to swallow the oil because while the ongoing process of the procedure, the oil starts collecting all the bacteria which are present in the mouth, and if it is swallowed by any mistake, then all the bacteria will be consumed with it and can harm an individual’s body.