Physio in Wellington

6 Killer Benefits Of Using A Physio in Wellington

Physio in Wellington is a highly effective specialty treatment for injury, illness, and disease. Physical therapy can help restore mobility, function, and movement in the affected area. Physiotherapy treats patients with medically recognised techniques based on experimented and researched information about how the body operates. Physiotherapy is also beneficial in preventing further injury or damage to the previously strained body part. As a result, it is widely used since people of all ages can benefit by controlling and maintaining good health and avoiding injury or sickness. Physiotherapy is a degree-based profession where well-trained, skilled, and experienced professionals provide the best possible care and treatment. However, because no two rehabilitation cases are the same, our group collaborates to create a schedule that meets your specific requirements.

Our physiotherapists and occupational therapists will work with you to find a holistic and supportive solution to your injuries or health concerns.


We’ve compiled a list of some of the situations where physiotherapy has helped in achieving the greatest potential outcomes –

  1. Pain Reduction or Elimination

Modalities or Soft Tissue Mobilisation like IFC, TENS, and Ultrasound apply to tendonitis, arthritis, or muscle strain/sprain patients. These therapies aid in the relief of pain, restoring normalcy. Please contact our Wellington centre’s specialised and certified physiotherapists for additional information.

  1. No Surgery

Let’s be honest. We’re all amid a pandemic, and no one wants to go to the hospital or have surgery. However, in some unavoidable circumstances, surgery is the only option. By treating and healing in the early phases, physiotherapy can help avert this. It is also restorative in pre-and post-rehabilitation programs to reduce surgical complications. If you live in or near Wellington, we recommend that you get advice from our Physiotherapy in Wellington before undergoing surgery. If you’re recovering from surgery or treatment, you can also talk about your situation.

  1. Strengthening and Coordination in General

Physiotherapy helps relieve pain after or during surgery, but it also helps enhance the body’s overall robustness and strength. Are you aware that physiotherapy entails specialised exercises and stretches that aid in the body’s overall coordination? So, if you’re experiencing symptoms of vertigo or dizziness, we recommend contacting one of our Physiotherapists. Our Wellington physiotherapists are highly qualified and provide a customised program to meet your needs.

  1. Reducing Medication Requirements

Every drug a patient takes has a side effect at some point in their lives. For example, a patient may be required to take medications to regulate or treat his or her illness under certain circumstances. However, in some situations, such as surgery, a patient’s pain alleviation is dependent on medication. We recommend physiotherapy as an option for addressing this concern and reducing medication dependency and adverse effects.

  1. Cardiovascular Functioning and Lung Capacity Improvement

Stroke surgery necessitates a high level of care and a recovery regimen. After a heart attack, physiotherapy can help patients restore their sense of direction, mobility, and balance. Triangle Physiotherapy’s expert physiotherapists assist patients in readjusting to their new healthy lifestyle. At Habit Health, you may talk to one of our seasoned and experienced physiotherapists about specific breathing exercises that will help you regain your lung capacity and blood flow.

  1. Preventing and Managing Sports Injuries

We recognise that sports are all about agility, and different games can increase the risk of specific injuries such as a golfer’s elbow, ACL tears, and hamstring strain, to mention a few. In such cases, physiotherapy is critical and beneficial since it gives exact treatment to build endurance and resolve the symptomatic problem. Aside from injuries, athletes and sportspeople benefit from regular physiotherapy sessions. Our Wellington physiotherapists can help you improve your circulation and strengthen your muscles. This improves flexibility, which will benefit you in any game you play.

The largest comprehensive health, fitness, and physiotherapy rehabilitation provider in New Zealand is Habit Health. Habit Health can help Kiwis improve their health and well-being at home, at work, or one of more than 100 sites thanks to a wide range of specialised health, exercise, and personal welfare services with a national footprint. Get in touch to try out our physiotherapy in Wellington.